Welcome to the Zieser Steamworks. This is the home for my games and works that I create. On here everything is handcrafted by myself here in Hiawatha, Iowa. The games on this site are free and will all run from inside of your browser simply by clicking on the link. Some of them are designed to run on ipads and iphones or android devices. I will mention which ones are set up to do so. I will keep this page simple for now and will add on things as I need them, over time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my facebook page. You will find the most recent information on the facebook page Zieser Steamworks.

I also maintain a Deviant Art page that I update weekly. This is the main site for my images that I create as DA will not let me post programs on this site. If you are interested in using some of my images please contact me there. My writings will be posted either on this site or on Amazon where some can be purchased for a small cost.



Playmaster Counter: This is a score counter to use on a touch device such as an iPad or android device, it is also developed for use on the PC with mouse clicks to adjust the scores for each player. This was handy in a recent tournament we were involved in. Hope you enjoy it.

Steam Punk Dice Roller: While not really a game it is a valuable tool to use in many dice based games if you want to add some fun to them. This can be run from your browser or saved on an iPad using the save to homepage option where it will become a web application and run from your ipad even when you are not connected to the internet.

Here are links to the dowloadable zip files for the Steampumk Roller. Windows 64 Bit | Windows 32 Bit | Mac OSX 32 Bit | Mac OSX 64 Bit

Solo Pongus: This is a browser made version of the game Pong (TM) created as a solo playable game. It is basically the same as setting a ping pong table up for one player mode. I have found this game to be very addictive.

Pongus2 'Son of Pongus': is a take on block breaking games using the pong mechanic to destroy them. This game runs in your browser. I did not include touch controls to this application so it will not be controlable from your iPad.

Aliens in Space: Not a game but rather a fun time killer if you like watching aliens explode in space. :) This was a 20 minute side trip from game development on a new title that is not released yet and may never be under its current form. It is not good enough at this point. But I had drawn and animated these aliens and I wanted to use them. This is what happens when you get "stuck" in development mode. There are no controls on this one so it will be fine on a tablet or iPad as well as your computer.

Mala: Meditation beads, pick a chant and say it then click on the bead it will advance.

Line Across: A two player game that is fun to play. This is a concept game for use in designing an actual board game with colored blocks on a grid.



Visual Things: These are just visual time wasters, they won't make you smarter, but they should not make you dumber either... I hope you like looking at them.

Bars: They are bars!!

DSpin: It spins!!

Rings: Not sure what this one does...

I am always working on games and will have more on the way! Check in often to find out about them or follow me on facebook!

-Allan Zieser